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Increase Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic is one of the most critical issues to which each web admin should pay attention. Also, the site visit is one of the essential parameters for search engine algorithms such as Google. Seovisitor provides for you to use the increase website hits service, increase your website’s global traffic, and see the targeted visitor on Google Analytics.

Google robots pay more attention to your website. If it has SEO parameters, it will receive a better rank on Google.

The intelligent system of Crypticall Solutions, with many years of experience in website traffic and complete familiarity with the Google search engine algorithm, tries to provide the best and the most reliable types of visits from around the world. You are achieving the best results in different subject fields, such as reducing Bounce Rate, increasing the time of the user presence, or more. So you can buy website traffic with real visitors worldwide.

Learn more about direct traffic.

You must have heard the term direct traffic, but you may not be familiar with its different modes. According to Google, a website visit is known as direct traffic when it has one of the following factors and occurs in one of these situations:

  • The visitor types the URL of a website into the browser’s address bar to access it.
  • The visitor enters the website through the bookmark. It means the visitor has already entered the website and bookmarked it.
  • The visitor clicks on the auto-complete options (auto-suggest) and enters the website.

Why is increasing website traffic necessary?

It doesn’t matter what kind of services and products you offer your customers. No matter how excellent and high-quality your website is, until you can get real traffic, your efforts will be fruitless and will not result in profit.

Therefore, one of the main reasons for the failure of online businesses is the failure to increase website traffic. Cyberspace users are not seeing the main problem with such websites. If the managers of these websites can increase website visits, they will be able to attract natural and targeted website traffic.


Features of Increase Website Traffic

By ordering buy website traffic in Seovisitor, You get these options:

Set Time on site

You can set the Time on-site with your panel by Seovisitor and improve your Google rank. It is possible to select Time on site for up to 10 min.

Set Pageviews per Visitor

The users may see more than one page on your website. You can choose the Subpage option and determine that each user visits up to 10 times from your website.

Decrease Bounce Rate

You can decrease your website’s bounce rate by visiting your website’s subpages. The website traffic provided at Seovisitor can reduce your website Bounce rate to zero.

Improve Website Ranking

One of the most critical parameters of Google’s rank is the number of website traffic. By increasing site visits, you can recognize this effect on your website ranking on Google and improve your website position in the short term.

Choosing a favorite platform

You can adjust your traffic platform in the presented system and specify how many visits are done by mobile phone or desktop computer. Seovisitor provides for you to do that.

Statistics live display

Statistics live display of our website provides this possibility to boost orders of buy organic traffic so that they can observe their traffic statistic momentary.


Live statistics display

The statistics live display system of Seovisitor provides for website traffic orders and increases the keyword to see their visit statistics instantly. After you register and pay for your order, you can click on the statistics in the order table and see them as a chart and table. The count of visit statistics is instantaneous and displayed immediately after each visit.

Statistic confirmation by Google Analytics

The visits to your website from Seovisitor are actual, very accurate, visible, and tracked by reliable statistics such as Google Analytics.

Direct visits in Google Analytics are users who enter the site address directly in their browser and your website. To see the number of direct visits to your website, enter the Acquisition section and click on the Source/Medium option in the Google Analytics tool to display the number of visits.

What is the effect of buying website visits on customer attraction?

Buying visits to the website in a principled way and observing the right factors is one of the things that can positively affect your website’s position in Google. Google bots easily recognize direct and natural visitors to a website, which is more valuable for a website with high traffic. For example, news websites that receive many of their users directly also originate from a high position in the results.

You can use many different methods to increase traffic to your website and have a significant impact on the SEO of your website. Seovisitor is one of the systems that help you increase website traffic.

With the help of Seovisitor, you can increase visits to your website in a surprising and utterly principled way. But note that this is not the only way to increase website traffic. You can increase your website visits and improve the number of regular site users by doing appropriate activities on the site and focusing on things like content creation, advertising, SEO, etc.